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Emergency Services
There is a Separate Emergency Block in the Institute for emergencies and it is one of its kind in India.   This functions like a model hospital with all the facilities round the clock. This Emergency contains about 200 Beds.  There is a Casualty Medical Officer and Residents from General Medicine are available. All Major and Minor emergency surgeries are carried out in Traumatology Operation Theatres (Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, Surgical Gastroenterology and Neurosurgery).  If necessary for any other complications and problems the Casualty Medical Officer calls for the assistance of the departments,  where the Casualty Medical Officer will be available round the clock. The patient is treated in Emergency for  the initial rescue and once the condition is stable, then the patient will be sent to the concerned department for further treatment.  Some patients even get discharged from the Emergency and some who do not require admission, will be treated on Outpatient basis and sent home.  They can come after for follow up as Out-Patient.
R M O - Emergency (24 Hours)    +914023489030,    Duty R.M.O. Mobile Number : 09490296073

Emergency Reception (24 Hours)

1 Name of the ICU Emergency
2 In Charge Doctor Dr. K.S. Asif Hussain
3 Total Faculty (Number & Name) 3 Nos.

1. Dr. K.S. Asif Hussain

Associate Professor & HOD
2. Dr. G. Suneel Kumar Associate Professor
3. Dr. K. Nageswara Rao Assistant Professor
4 Total Chief Medical Officers (Number & Name) 7 Nos.
5 Total Nurses (Number & Name - Patient Ratio) 29 Nos.
6 Total No. of Technicians (Specialization & Number) ECG Technician -1 / shift, X-Ray Technician - 1 / shift
7 Total No. of Beds 30 Nos., ICU - 13 Beds
8 Total No. of Ventilators 26 Nos.
9 Special Equipment Multi Channel Monitors 9
Three Channel Monitors 4
Defibrillator 6
Resuscitation Trays  
Central Suction  
Pulse Oximeters 3
X-Ray Machine 1
Mobile X- Ray 1
Suction Apparatus  
Infusion Pumps 76
Fully equipped disaster trolleys  
12 lead ECG Machines 1
L & T ECG Monitors 4
Central Oxygen ports  
Ultra Sound Machine  
Glucometers 5
10 Average Bed Occupancy 100 %
11 Procedures exclusively offered in Trauma All Major and Minor Emergency Surgeries are carried out in Traumatology Operation Theaters. (Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, Surgical Gastroenterology and Neurosurgery)

Investigative facilities available (round the clock) - Investigations for Clinical Pathology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Imageology facilities available round the clock.

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