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The Department of Microbiology was started in the year 1986 with Dr. Ramalingeswar Rao as the Head of the Department till 1993. Dr. V. Lakshmi, Head of the Department from 1994-2017. Dr. Vijay Dharma Teja, Head of the Department from 2017 till date. 

The Department of Microbiology at NIMS, engaged in clinical and diagnostic work in infectious disease as a support for patient care services, has established itself as one of the leading Clinical Microbiology Laboratory in Telangana. Manned by qualified and dedicated Laboratory personnel and with the help of automated instrumentation, reliable, rapid and quality assured results are generated, which have helped achieve the three vital characteristics of any good laboratory practice - Accuracy, Precision and Timeliness.

-         All the Lab Investigators are posted on 2 shifts. General shift (9AM-5PM) and afternoon shift (2PM-8PM) 

-         Faculty and Senior Residents are on duty till 7 PM and on call between 7 pm to 8 am.

The various divisions - Bacteriology (aerobic & anaerobic), Mycobacteriology, Mycology, Parasitology and Serology, are identified separately and manned by qualified Laboratory personnel. Each division is supervised by one Faculty, with rotation once a year among them. All investigations are performed as per standard guidelines using Standard Operating Manuals in every division of the lab. All the protocols are referred to the Clinical Microbiology Practical Handbook (ASM, USA) and CLSI guidelines. This not only helps in improving and maintaining the work quality but also allows each and everyone to get acquainted and master all the techniques that are being performed in the Lab. These manuals are updated regularly with newer techniques and test assays being added to the diagnostic armamentarium. Over the years since inception, there has been a steady increase in the number of tests that are being performed in the Microbiology lab.

Contribution of the Department:

Department has experienced team of Microbiologists in reporting of Infectious Diseases. Actively participates in Academic Departmental and Interdepartmental sessions such as Mortality meets, staff clinical meeting, Research Forum and Clinical audits. Department also conducted several CMEs, conferences, workshops and Twin cities meetings.

CME, Workshops and Academic Activities from 2018 - 2021

S No.

Name of CME Program/Conference/Academic Activities

Date & Venue



Health care associated Fungal infections-epidemiology, prevention and control

03/10/2018, NIMS


CME on Tuberculosis

24/03/2018, NIMS



18/1/2019, NIMS

                 Academic Activities


Hospital Antibiogram

½ yearly, NIMS


Lecture on Hand Hygiene

05/05/2018, NIMS


Guest lecture on MALDI-TOF in Fungal Diagnostics

06/11/2018, NIMS


Clinical Debate : The new antibiotic mantra – “Shorter the better”

17/11/2018, NIMS


Conducted Quiz Programme on the eve of “World Hand Hygeine Day” 

05/05/2019, NIMS


Invited guest lecture on General Principles of Rational Antimicrobial therapy

12/06/2019, Kamineni Medical College, Narketpally, Telengana state


Clinical meeting – Antibiogram

04/09/2019, NIMS


Research Forum:

  1. Blood Stream infections in cardiac intensive care units in a tertiary care hospital
  2. Detection and drug susceptibility testing of mycobacterium tuberculosis by conventional and gene expert.

26/06/2019, NIMS


Guest Lecture - Education session on Sanitation 

        & Personal Hygeine

22/11/2019, Institute of Science and Technology of JNTU campus, Hyderabad


Medical Audit:

  1. Utility of Bone Marrow Aspirates in diagnosis of Infectious Diseases
  2. Effectiveness of preanalytic practices on contamination and diagnostic accuracy of urine cultures

09/10/2019, NIMS


Invited lecture on Pathogenesis of Mucormycosis and conducted Mycology quiz for postgraduate students


12/02/2020- 13th National Conference of the Indian Society of Medical Mycologists (ISMM), at  AIIMS, Jodhpur


Invited Lecture on Lab diagnosis of Covid-19  

09/08/2020, API Chapter, Hyderabad


Webinar on Covid vaccination

24/01/2021, HRDA


Invited lecture on Microbiology laboratories and Pandemic preparedness post COVID


20/02/2021 - MICROKAR 2021, 25th state level Annual conference of IAMM , Karnataka Chapter


Mucormycosis in kidney patients with COVID-19 infection-Laboratory diagnosis

25/06.2021-Webinar organised by “Hyderabad Nephrology Forum


Invited lecture on Rational antimicrobial therapy-the crucial role of clinical microbiology


12/06/2021 - 5th CME program(virtual) organized by Indian Medical Association, Telangana State branch, Academic council

Teaching and Training:

The Department of Microbiology has started MCI recognized DNB Microbiology course with (2) students per year in the Year 2010.

DNB course 1st batch started from 2010-2013

                      2nd batch started from 2016-2019

After MD  Microbiology seats were allotted DNB course was discontinued

The department of Microbiology has started MCI recognized MD Microbiology course with 3 students per year in the year 2017.

MD Microbiology course 1st batch started from 2017 and is continuing.

Department also offers Ph.D course and PGDMLT courses and actively engages in teaching and training them. Also teaches various paramedical courses like B.Sc., M.Sc Nursing, BPT & MPT.

Department Faculty actively conducts classes on Infection control modules to several departments in the Institute

Research Contribution:

The Department of Microbiology is well known for its research activities. The Head of the department and the Faculty have undertaken several prospective studies including thesis work of PG students and Ph.D students. Department contributed for several publications of articles in National and International Journals.

The Faculty has taken up several valuable National projects on Antimicrobial Resistance, Infection control, Antimicrobial stewardship, Mycology and Mycobacteriology.

The Faculty and technical staff received several honors and awards for the prospective research studies.

Other Activities:

Department is also issuing Cumulative Hospital Antibiograms yearly twice to increase the awareness of Antibiotics susceptibility pattern to Clinicians and Surgeons.

Department participates in External Quality Assurance Scheme (EQAS) in sections of Serology, Virology, Bacteriology, Mycobacteriology and Mycology yearly thrice. Department conducts Twin Cities meeting actively and Faculty  involves in preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and takes care of stock to be indented every month and also participates in technical evaluation of equipment meetings

Services offered by the Department in various subspecialities for patient care:

SEROLOGY: The diagnostic work up in serology focuses on performance of immunochromatography assays, ELISA, ELFA (ViDAS), ANA testing (autoantibodies) by Indirect Immunofluorescence (IIF) & ELISA.

BACTERIOLOGY: The diagnostic work up of Bacterial infections focuses on Microscopic detection by Grams stain, special stains, cultures and Biochemical tests. Automated Instruments used for diagnosis of Blood cultures and for identification and susceptibility testing of pathogens. Broth Microdilution method (BMD) is performed for all multidrug resistant organism (MDROs) to confirm susceptibility to the drug Colistin.

MYCOLOGY: The routine diagnostic work up of fungal infections focuses on microscopic detection by KOH, calcofluor staining (Fluorescent stain) and culture.

MYCOBACTERIOLOGY: The routine diagnostic work up of Mycobacterial infections focuses on Microscopic detection by Acid fast staining (AFB), Auramine and Rhodamine staining and culture. Gene Xpert and Line Probe Assay (LPA) are done on request.

PARASITOLOGY: The routine diagnostic work up of parasitic infections focuses on microscopic detection of ova & cyst by wet mount, Iodine mount, modified acid fast staining and sedimentation techniques.

MOLECULAR BIOLOGY: The diagnostic work up is done in Molecular biology for research purpose of MD Microbiology students on various bacterial pathogens.






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